Attention!  Change in Worship Services


St. Johns will not have worship services the following dates:

  • November 29th

  • December 6th


The St Johns Church Council will continue to monitor the situation, it is hoped that worship services can reconvene beginning Sunday, December 13 at 10:45 am. 

Please check this website to keep updated.

Diane Liljedahl, Church Council President, encourages everyone to continue supporting the food pantry project. 

Items for the Christmas meal baskets will be collected until December 13. (see ministries section for details)

Please do not hesitate to contact her if you have items or donations to be picked up.

Prayer of the Day:

Stir up your power, Lord Christ, and come. By your merciful protection awaken us to the threatening dangers of our sins, and keep us blameless until the coming of your new day, for you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, on God, now and forever. AMEN.

A Note from Pastor Ann

So many aspects of our daily life have changed because of the pandemic. A new form of Communion, no congregational singing, less hugging and shaking of hands. Life is as unsettling as it was for the people of the Old Testament. But we know that God will get us through. God will give us His strength when we feel overwhelmed with the new manner in which we are living. God will not abandon us.

Call me if you want a visit.  I am here for you.



Your contributions to 

St. John’s Lutheran church 

& St. John’s cemetery to meet financial obligations

are very much appreciated!

Prayer Ventures -  November/December 2020 

These petitions are offered as guides to prayer for the global, social and outreach ministries of the ELCA, as well as for the needs and circumstances of our neighbors, communities and world. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for the life and mission of this church.


29 First Sunday of Advent  This is a year of hope, yearning and anticipation, when we cry out for relief, healing, positive signs of change in the world and reassurance that we’ll all be OK. Pray that we will trust in God’s promises and presence through faith in Jesus Christ — son of man and son of God, our hope, security and salvation in all times and circumstances.


30 In the course of your day, envision the people who, working behind the scenes in service industries, attend to our needs, ease our stresses, make our lives more enjoyable, help us manage each day and attend to the little things we take for granted. Pray that we will open our eyes and see them, valuing their work, advocating for their fair wages and benefits, and expressing our gratitude for their hard work serving others.


1 World AIDS Day  Pray for compassion, understanding and healing for individuals, families and communities worldwide that are living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. Give thanks for the dedicated service and skill of doctors, pastors, public officials, health care educators, care providers and researchers who treat the infected, bring hope to the discouraged and weary, and respond to the disease’s spiritual, physical, emotional and social impacts.


2 The Spirit is at work in times of anticipation and yearning, reminding us of God’s promises and activity, helping us stay calm and patient, and redirecting our attention from ourselves to our neighbors in need ― nearby and around the world.


3 Give thanks for the new ELCA social message “Government and Civic Engagement in the United States: Discipleship in a Democracy.” Pray that it will help us understand how government is a gift from God but can also be abused and misused. Ask the Spirit to guide us as we prayerfully reflect on how we can view civic engagement as Lutherans.


4 What do you anticipate and watch for during this season of Advent? Pray for what you yearn and hope for, and give thanks that God is faithful to God’s promises, especially through the gift of life to the world through Jesus Christ.


5 As we are immersed in the joy, festivities and busyness of Advent and Christmas, pause to pray for our global neighbors who have suffered through devastating natural disasters and need our support, generosity and assistance. Pray particularly for the many nations that have experienced drought and for those impacted by the earthquake in Turkey and Greece, Typhoon Goni hitting the Philippines and multiple hurricanes impacting Mexico, the Caribbean region and the United States.

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