Everyone is welcome to our Sunday worship service at 10:45am.  Services are held inside the church


  • Social distance (6 feet) is be followed

  • Please refrain from forming group conversations

  • Masks are required (inside)

  • No singing (feel free to hum)

  • No shaking hands

  • Bulletins are to go home with each member

  • Offering will be collected (Not passed) 

  • Hand sanitizer, soap and tissues will be available 

  • Limit elevator passengers to family members only

  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home

Prayer of the Day:

Almighty God, gracious Lord, we thank you that your Holy Spirit renews the church in every age. Pour out your Holy Spirit on your faithful people. Keep them steadfast in your word, protect and comfort them in times of trial, defend them against all enemies of the gospel, and bestow on the church your saving peace, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen

A Note from Pastor Ann

So many aspects of our daily life have changed because of the pandemic. A new form of Communion, no congregational singing, less hugging and shaking of hands. Life is as unsettling as it was for the people of the Old Testament. But we know that God will get us through. God will give us His strength when we feel overwhelmed with the new manner in which we are living. God will not abandon us.

Call me if you want a visit.  I am here for you.



Members of St. John’s Lutheran Church recently planted a tree

on their church property.

The donation for the tree was from John & Rose Walter,

In memory of Pastor Willard Garred

  Rose (Garred) Walter is the daughter of Pastor Willard Garred,

who served  as pastor of St John’s from 1968-1980. 

  The project is in conjunction of the

Essex Sesquicentennial & 150 Trees initiative. 

Members of the congregation pictured are: 

Left side: Jolene & Roger Burns, Sherry Camilletti, Janet Walker, Karen Ahrens, Marie Patterson, Jake, Oliver & Arryn Gillespie, Pastor Ann Albert, Judy Lundgren, Candice, Parker, Piper & Drew Liljedahl.

 Right side: Judy Graham, Larry Glasgo, Sandy Johnson, Diane & Dennis Liljedahl, Marvin & Dorothy Wickersham, Renae Harberts, June McClintock, Peg Franks, Deb & Randy Wenstrand, and Jacob King. 

Your contributions to 

St. John’s Lutheran church 

& St. John’s cemetery to meet financial obligations

are very much appreciated!

Confirmation for three students will be held on Reformation Sunday, October 25th. 

Prayer Ventures -  October 2020 

These petitions are offered as guides to prayer for the global, social and outreach ministries of the ELCA, as well as for the needs and circumstances of our neighbors, communities and world. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for the life and mission of this church.

Reference:  ELCA.org

25 Reformation Sunday  Praise God for the gift of grace that sets us free to change and be changed, to form and reform as the body of Christ for the sake of humanity, serving our neighbor and doing God’s work in the world.


26 Pray for the Spirit to deepen our understanding of what being a Lutheran Christian means, through prayer, Scripture, reflecting on our creeds and teachings, being renewed and united through the sacraments, and opening ourselves to God’s voice and guidance in an ever-changing society and world.


27 Give thanks that, though we have sinned and fallen short of God’s expectations, God has set things right with us and restored our relationship through the gift of grace we have in Jesus Christ. Pray that throughout our baptismal journeys we will spread the hope and good news of God’s merciful love for humankind.


28 The ELCA Fund for Leaders scholarship program supports students of promise attending ELCA seminaries. Pray that we will generously support this program to make seminary more affordable, to enable more future ministers to study and to help them graduate with less debt as they respond to God’s call to serve as the church needs and the Spirit leads.


29 “God is our refuge and strength.” Give thanks and praise to God and reflect on how God sustains you, gives you courage, influences your decisions and actions, and equips you for living as a follower of Christ in the world.


30 Pray for the Spirit to guide and inspire our discernment and decisions in the upcoming presidential election, and to help us prioritize the needs of our neighbors, the well-being of communities in turmoil and the task of healing the deep divisions in our society.


31 Reformation Day  Give thanks and praise to God for the ministry, teachings and impact of Martin Luther and other church reformers, who took great risks to refocus our faith, institutions and practices on the word of God and the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray that we will continue to be a reforming church, mindful of the Spirit’s guidance as we discern how to follow Christ ― now and in the future.

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