Whether it's providing a meal to a child in our community or sending quilts to refugees in a faraway country, reaching out to help others is a big part of St. John's Lutheran Church.

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2021 Shared Ministry Lenten Project

The following items were collected for the “Hope Totes Toiletry Drive”:






Razors (Men & Women’s)

Lip Balm


Body Wash


Cash donations were also accepted to help purchase items.

Thanks to all for supporting this project!

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Fall Festival​​


On the first Saturday of November, the church is filled with crafts, quilts, and baked goods for the annual Fall Festival.  Swedish rye bread, ostkaka, and a variety of pies are traditional favorites as well as ham balls for lunch.

There was not a Fall Festival this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.





Every Tuesday, the quilters gather at the church to do what they do best...make quilts. Some of the quilts are sold at the Fall Festival, but many more are given to people of need. Last year the quilters gave:

  • 12 quilts to flood victims

  • 14 quilts to the Shenandoah Food Pantry

  • 1 quilt to confirmation student

  • 1 quilt for Cancer Research

  • 18 quilts to selected families in Essex that were delivered by the Essex Fire Department.   ​


Our Essex School decided to help the younger children with a Christmas gift for their parents.  St. John's members helped with this project last year and again his year.   They requested gently used or new items for these gifts and gift bags to wrap them.   The deadline for this project was December 10th.    Thank you to everyone for their donations so students would have something special to take home to give to their parents.